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Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President & Founder
The introduction of new architectures, increase in adoption of virtualization and inclination towards big data, cloud, and mobile has compelled testers to consider new approaches in the Quality Assurance arena. Resultantly, businesses around the world are awakening to the need to have a well-designed quality assurance process to ensure total customer satisfaction. However, while the software development landscape continues to evolve, “many companies expect and want several different things within the QA arena,” states Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO and Founder, QA Mentor. “Companies want to heal their broken QA testing processes, identify the deficiencies in the process and methodology and improve the deployment.” New York, NY-based QA Mentor—a premier provider of unique and cost effective QA and software testing services and solutions—comes to the fore to address the needs of such companies by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of testing while ensuring quality.

The firm’s Application Architecture Inspection Services provides the necessary expertise and oversight to examine the architecture design of the customer’s platform and applications. “Our experienced architects can provide an independent and non-biased assessment or view of any architecture or any potential future design from the development perspective,” says Desyatnikov. The analysis of the customer’s architecture design ensures that the design is sustainable in terms of performance and secure against compliance issues. QA Mentor also offers “Testing in your Time Zone Service” which allows customers to harness 24/7 testing capabilities indifferent time zones. “We provide resources that can work in parallel with your development team, talk to them on the phone, video conference, and conduct required verifications,” says Desyatnikov. “Whether U.S., Europe, or Asia, we have resources available and we can organize a team to work on your schedule.”

Alternatively, QA Mentor offers Agile Transformation QA Services which are designed to help companies adapt QA Agile methodologies and make the transition from a waterfall approach to an Agile approach. “We train customers on automating Agile projects, keeping up with regression testing, and build continuous integration into the overall process,” says Desyatnikov.

We train customers on automating Agile projects, keeping up with regression testing, and build continuous integration into the overall process

In addition, the firm offers Advisory Support Subscription Service which gives customers the direction for a course of action relating to any QA queries. Training and Seminar Service, which features an e-learning portal, further helps customers to learn about the different topics related to QA. Apart from these services, the firm delivers QA solutions with specialized strategies for various industries.

QA Mentor has succeeded in helping several clients overcome their challenges and achieve efficiency. In an implementation highlight, a big financial company wanted to prepare test cases for their legacy systems. However, these legacy systems had no requirements or any documentation. Owing to the distinct ability to customize solutions for the client’s needs, QA Mentor built a special framework to collect what was needed for the test cases. By distributing a series of questionnaires and interviewing the support guys and development teams, the firm gathered the required information. The data was converted into mini-requirements initially and then finally into detailed test cases for execution. In the end, QA Mentor helped the client to create detailed documentation of their legacy systems and a disciplined approach to their requirements and test cases.

“We aim to bring quality to the forefront of software development and become the central figure in QA,” affirms Desyatnikov. As such, QA Mentor is planning to expand its footprint and establish testing centers around the globe identifying low cost areas to offer cost effective services.

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New York City, NY

Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President & Founder

A provider of unique and cost effective software quality assurance and testing services and solutions.

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