Being Innovative Towards Golf

Tom LaPlante, CIO, TopGolf

Tom LaPlante, CIO, TopGolf

The industry is witnessing many changes in the form of cloud based solutions, which are widely viewed as the next-generation SAS solutions. In view of these circumstances, the industry is experiencing a fast paced environment and constantly seeks out for new technologies. The next generation SAS application which is a cloud based solution is completely re-engineered from an enterprise architectural perspective. These solutions are important for future business operations.  Therefore investing in new technology allows us to keep the game innovative and entertaining.

Moreover, the significant challenge which we are facing in regard to our customers is the privacy and security. In connection with this, we need more web tools to do the supervising for more proactive and reactive roles. For instance, a company named nest has installed home device with Wi-Fi connections. The neighbor managed to get the home network Wi-Fi password which hacks into his refrigerator and starts transferring electronic mail. This example demonstrates it is relatively easy to hack into your own network. Therefore security and protection would become more stringent in our domain so that there is no loop-hole in privacy and security network.

Acknowledging the Importance of Innovation

We employ several social media involving new agreements and also make use of external and internal networks to strengthen inventive ideas and latest technology. We carry out queries and questionnaire for internal and external people as well. We have marketing approach when we go to different sites. I just go and randomly start asking opinion. In addition, we have abundant tablets linked to our public Wi-Fi in every location so that each person can access any application from anywhere. Subsequently, we are also going to connect to our network and share information within our network. 

We facilitate the tech-enabled business by putting into practice stable processes and new technology networks. Besides, the foremost aspect from company’s standpoint is that we constantly try maintaining a clear direction of strategy. Additionally, to make the process smoother we have access to Wi-Fi networks which assist public to access or download anything. 

We build new technology to develop revolutionary games and often look out for constant innovation and reinforce new ideas. Under this circumstance, public require trouble-free access to very devices that fair on their premise.

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